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My name is Adil Pirbhai and I am seeking to become the city council representative for Ward 6, a diverse cultural mosaic unlike any other part of Edmonton. The citizenry of the Ward covers the gamut of society. From the homeless on the street, to those in their penthouse suites. From the poor who frequent the Bissell and Hope Mission-Herb Jamison Centres, to the affluent, who attend events at the Winspear Centre and Citadel Theatre. It would be a challenging task to represent all who reside in Ward 6 and I feel I am ready to take on that responsibility.

Why City Council?

It is often said that being a city councillor is a thankless job. I don’t agree. I am fortunate to live in Edmonton because it has the best citizens. These are Citizens who help each other when they need help. Edmonton has top-notch hospitals, universites, and arts. Edmonton is a dynamic place to live, work, and raise a family.

I believe I have the passion and desire to contribute to the betterment of Edmonton. I have always had the zest for politics and want to bring that feeling to the citizens of ward 6.

I feel the best way I can repay the city for all it has done for me is to offer my expertise and services to it as a councillor.

I know I have the energy and drive to work with and for the residents of Ward 6.

I hope that I will have your vote as a councillor for Ward 6 on October 16th. That way, we can all roll up our sleeves and work together to make the city’s core even more vibrant.

Adil Pirbhai was the strongest supporter of the LRT expansion, pointing to the extensive system in Calgary”

Mike Sadva

Journal Staff Writer, Edmonton Journal, September 24th 1998

The Platform


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Urban Sprawl

Adil has a solution.

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A part of being Edmonton.

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Ward 6 Area

 Ward 6 is located just north of the North Saskatchewan River. This ward is has the the widest range of income levels within its residents, and home to some of the most imporant venues of the city. Some of the issues being dealth with in this part of the city include the…

Boyle Street

Central McDougall



North Glenora





Queen Mary Park




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"Election Day"Please go out &vote For @Adilpirbhai ward 6 &thank you

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